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Harry Potter and the Event Rules and Regulations

With the release of the final Harry Potter novel mere days away, the media frenzy is in full force. In The Globe and Mail on the weekend, publishing reporter James Adams looks at Canadian Potter publisher Raincoast Books and its life before, during, and after Harry. (The CBC Arts website had a similar piece a couple months back.) And The Boston Globe looks at some problems American booksellers are facing as they try to plan Potter parties. It seems film studio Warner Bros., “which controls the movies, merchandise, and all nonbook aspects of the Harry Potter brand,” and U.S. publisher Scholastic are telling booksellers what kind of events they’re allowed to have.

Most of the points are uncontroversial — parties must be decent and safe, nonpolitical, held no earlier or later than 24 hours from the release hour. Other conditions have taken some booksellers by surprise: “No fees are charged for admission or any activities at the event . . . no third parties are associated with the event in any way . . . the event is small-scale, local, non commercial, not-for-profit.”

(Thanks to Ed Champion for the lattermost link.)