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Philip Slayton launches Lawyers Gone Bad

Philip Slayton launched his book Lawyers Gone Bad (Penguin Canada) at Ben McNally Books on Bay Street in Toronto on Sept. 18.

Robert Fulford buys a book off of a just-starting-out-in-the-biz Ben McNally.

The Globe and Mail‘s Sandra Martin, Anna Porter, Q&Q review columnist Bronwyn Drainie, and the Toronto Star‘s Martin Knelman.

Jack Rabinovitch with Judy Clarke.

One of the event’s serving staff, who bears a faint resemblance to Penguin Canada’s Ashley Burns.

Maclean’s magazine’s Brian Bethune with Penguin Canada’s Yvonne Hunter.

Penguin Canada editorial director Diane Turbide, Justice Marion Cohen, and Philip Slayton.

Penguin Canada’s Don Robinson, Allan Bonner, president of Allan Bonner Communications Management, and Toronto Star columnist Christopher Hume.