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Event photos: polar bear dip, Fetherling’s 60th, and Bittman’s signing

A number of recent events “ including a mid-winter swim and a swanky birthday bash “ brought out the literary luminaries. Quillblog’s army of roving citizen photojournalists were on hand to capture the various goings on.


The first annual Port Credit Polar Bear plunge to commemorate Robbie Burns Day was held this past Saturday, and a number of Canadian literary and media figures took part. Above, broadcaster Shelagh Rogers emerges from the frigid drink, while Paul Quarrington charges in.


Margaret Atwood and Ken McGoogan “ more appropriately dressed for the weather “ were in attendance to lend support.

McGoogan (left) and author Graeme Gibson pass out drams to the swimmers.


Canadian author George Fetherling celebrated his 60th birthday with a dinner at Massey College on Jan. 17. Margaret Atwood was on hand (minus the gloves and parka) to pay tribute to Fetherling.


Food writer Mark Bittman launched his new book, Food Matters, at Hart House on Jan. 22. Bittman spoke with CBC radio’s Matt Galloway to a crowd of more than 300. Above, Bittman, flanked by Simon & Schuster publicist Melissa Ong, signs copies of his book.


A subdued Bittman waits at the signing table.

UPDATE: This post contains material that has been corrected. The title of Mark Bittman’s new book was incorrect in the original post. Quillblog apologizes for the error.

[Photos courtesy of Ken McGoogan (polar bear dip), George Fetherling, and Loretta Eldridge (Bittman launch).]