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David Byrne and Win Butler to discuss How Music Works

How Music Works

Librarie Drawn & Quarterly has paired up with POP Montreal’s Symposium to host a unique event that straddles the literary and music worlds.

David Byrne, rock legend and author, and Win Butler, lead singer of the critically acclaimed band Arcade Fire, will discuss Byrne’s new book How Music Works at the the Ukranian Federation in Montreal on Sept. 22.

The book, published by McSweeney’s, delves into a subject Byrne has spent years exploring− how music is shaped by time and place. Drawing on his experiences with the influential new wave band Talking Heads, Byrne examines how music adapts itself to cultural and physical contexts.

The event is part of POP Montreal’s Symposium, an annual conference that offers inside access to the figures shaping today’s music. Tickets are $15.