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Couple ties the knot at Ben McNally Books

Photo by Alex Lee of Young Hearts Photography

Ben McNally Books in the heart of downtown Toronto has been the site of numerous literary events, book launches, and author meet-and-greets. But to Quillblog’s knowledge, it has never served as the site of a wedding. Until now.

According to The Wedding Co., a local couple, Naly and Ben, met at the Davenport Public Library, where Naly was employed, and decided on the unconventional location for their nuptials because of its owner’s name:

Wanting to elope, meant not telling anyone that they were getting married, except it was important to Naly that her sisters, Sachie and Brenna, were there. (Ben was instrumental in raising Brenna, as she was only eight years old when they first met.)

Looking for a unique location to get married, Naly and Ben had always chuckled at the bookstore named Ben McNally Books (because it incorporates both their names). They were inspired by the space and when they asked about having their ceremony there, owner Ben McNally loved the idea.

As if that weren’t enough, after leaving the bookstore, the newlyweds passed a limo that had pulled up in front of the new Trump Hotel on Bay Street. The limo’s occupant, one Leonard Cohen, complimented the two on the way they looked and “wished them all the best.”

Score one for independent booksellers, and for Quillblog’s incurably romantic side.


June 14th, 2012

3:28 pm

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