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Luminato Festival curator Noah Richler highlights Toronto’s literary culture

Toronto’s Luminato Festival, which takes place June 6“15, announced its full lineup at a press conference this morning.

Literature and ideas curator Noah Richler, who joined Luminato in January, observes that in the past the festival has not paid a huge amount of attention to the city in which it is [held], from a literary point of view.

This year’s program, which he describes as modest but sound, includes a Woodstock-style literary picnic, Dennis Lee’s cabaret Lost Songs of Toronto, and a series of author-guided walks through local neighborhoods, demonstrating what Richler calls the middle space between the world as it is and as it ends up being represented by writers.

Richler will also host two author panels at the Toronto Public Library’s Bram & Bluma Appel Salon. Kill Like a Scandinavian brings European crime writers to discuss the “art of murder and the craft behind it. Luminato #ReadWomen2014 features Canadian women novelists L. Marie Adeline, Heather O’Neill, Elizabeth Renzetti, and Miriam Toews.

The thing about festivals is you have to do something unusual to make it integrated and noticed, and that’s what I’m trying to do, says Richler. If I can succeed in showing writers in a good light, and also showing the city this year in a good light, then I’ll feel I’ll have sincerely succeeded.


April 8th, 2014

5:05 pm

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