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The Danforth Review has a series of brief interviews with the editors of three Canadian literary journals: Maisonneuve, Matrix, and The Malahat Review.

Matrix‘s Jon Paul Fiorentino has kind things to say about Canadian small presses and the Literary Press Group in particular: “what is very encouraging to me is that the LPG publishers I have come to know have been promoting their titles in innovative and effective ways despite the pressures of the marketplace. Literary publishers are very tenacious and resourceful. Many of the best presses in Canada have gone through tough times so frequently. I am always in awe but never surprised to see them come out of a financial ordeal even stronger and more vibrant.”

And Malahat‘s John Barton says: “Magazines are a stepping stone to books; they allow writers to test their work on a readership and also provide them with confidence. Sadly, a lot of writers stop publishing in magazines once they feel that their ability to publish books is more secure.”

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