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Book clubs: scourge of the reading life

The CBC’s recently relaunched arts website includes a screed by writer Li Robbins on the many evils of book clubs. Her point seems to be that they destroy the individual freedom and essentially solitary pleasure of reading. Oh, and book club types are also tools of The Man. “Beware of book club fanatics: marionettes gently dancing for the publishing industry’s puppeteers. These people want to tell you what to read, when, and how to read it.”

The real impetus for the essay, though, may be the writer’s apparent contempt for the very idea of applying thought and analysis to reading. “Reading is the greatest of great escapes. Reading is permission to simply be, to exist in another world, the world of the book. But you can’t maintain that Zen state when someone is wittering away about plot, tone and setting as though they are the new holy trinity.”

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January 31st, 2005

12:00 am

Category: Industry news

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