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There's such a lot of world to see (and write about)

The CBC Arts website, up and running again after the lockout, checks in on a group of like-minded Vancouver writers who are proponents of travel-themed non-fiction. “The group allows us to hash out these ideas and issues and to really develop in a little bubble of collegiality that we don’t have in the cruel world of freelance journalism,” says Chris Tenove, one of the members of the group. “We are trying to do something bigger in a literary sense, and in a sense to change the world, too. We’re all quite committed to social issues. It is something we share.”

Other members of the FCC (see the article for the story behind the acronym) include Douglas & McIntyre authors Charles Montgomery, who won the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-fiction early this year for his book The Last Heathen, and J.B. MacKinnon, whose Dead Man in Paradise recently earned a starred review in Q&Q. Our readers may remember that Cheri Hanson, Q&Q‘s B.C. correspondent, looked at the FCC in our May 2005 issue, in the context of the rising profile of non-fiction in Canada.

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