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Three-man prenups

A recent article on the New York Times website affords readers a glimpse into the home of American book-design icon Chip Kidd. Bought on the cheap in what was once known as Hell’s Kitchen in New York, Kidd’s apartment is endowed with a panoramic view that could almost evoke Batman’s Gotham City. Nicknamed the Bat Cave, Kidd’s home is dubbed so not only for its view but also for its contents: walls lined with original comic book art and shelves housing some of the 500 pieces of Batman memorabilia owned by Kidd.

Kidd has been quoted as saying that collections are manifestations of identities. What happens, then, when a man who won’t grow up falls for a staunch classicist, a man who owns a harpsichord, copious numbers of books, and framed letters from Lincoln, Proust, and Verdi? The owner of the harp and Kidd’s longtime partner is Yale professor and poet J.D. McClatchey. “The trouble with falling in love when you are a certain age is … [that] you trail an accumulation of tastes and objects that, when they are different from your beloved’s, have to be accommodated,” he tells the Times “It’s like a third person in the marriage.”

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