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Tales of two cities

The New York Times looks at the reaction in Venice to John Berendt’s latest book, City of Falling Angels, a non-fiction account of “local secrets and scandals,” in the words of Times reporter Elisabetta Povoledo. Seems Venetians aren’t too impressed, sniffing at Berendt’s focus on gossip and rumour. Says the city’s mayor, Massimo Cacciari, “It’s not my habit to comment on books that don’t interest me or, for various reasons, I don’t like.”

That’s a far cry from the warm embrace Savannah, Georgia had for Berendt after his blockbuster Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (also about local, secrets, scandals, and eccentrics) was released 11 years ago. “The Book,” as Midnight is known locally, spawned a vigorous sub-sector of the city’s tourism industry.

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