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On photography

There are a couple of photo-related items to point out today.

The CBC Arts website has a photo gallery of stills from Carte Blanche, a brand-new collection of the work of various Canadian photographers and the debut title from MaryAnn Camilleri’s new house, Magenta Publishing.

And Good Reports webmaster Alex Good is looking to launch a “CanLit photo album” on his site next fall, and he wants shots from amateur shutterbugs. “What I’m looking for are pictures of locations that have been made famous (or maybe that should have been made famous but which, in any event, have at least been mentioned) in books by Canadian authors. From Green Gables House to Stanley Park to King William Island. Old or new, poetry or prose, classic or underground. Anything that inspires you.”

So if you see a lot of English majors with cameras hanging around the Bloor Viaduct over the next few weeks, you’ll know why.

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