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Harper's bid for totalitarianism backfires

What’s the best way to sell a book? Recent events surrounding Mark Tushingham’s book, Hotter Than Hell, suggest that a little controversy can’t hurt. In Other Media linked last week to coverage of the Harper government’s apparent attempt to prevent the author, a scientist with Environment Canada, from speaking publicly about the book, a sci-fi novel set in the near-future in which the effects of global warming have prompted a war between the United States and Canada over water. Released five months ago to poor sales by Saint John firm DreamCatcher Publishing, Hotter Than Hell started flying off the shelves last week when Tushingham was sent a letter from the office of Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, ordering him not to attend an event promoting the book in his hometown of Ottawa.

The CBC reports: “Democratic or not, there’s no denying the ban has been great for business. More than a week after the incident, Margaris is still giving national interviews about it and has ordered a double-sized second printing to keep up with a sudden demand for the book….

Tushingham still isn’t talking about the book, but Margaris says she forgives the government for muzzling her author.

In fact, she says she might even send a thank you card for the publicity, once she catches up with all the back orders for the book.”

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