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Update: California — and America? — one step closer to gaytastic textbooks

Last week, In Other Media reported on gay Santa Monica Democrat senator Sheila Kuehl’s Bill SB 1437 — which would pump up the gay, lesbian, and transgender content of Californian textbooks — passing the Senate Education Committee. This week, we were pleased to read in the L.A. Times that the bill was passed by the Senate and should be winging its way through to the Assembly and Governor Schwarzenegger’s hands sometime soon.

If successful, come 2012, social science courses would incorporate discussions of the roles played by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people in the States’ development. Senator Kuehl says that the “hostile environment” suffered by gay kids can partly be attributed to a lack of positive examples in their educational materials.

The bill passed the Senate 22 to 15.

And if SB 1437 can jump over those final hurdles, the country’s textbooks could take on a wonderfully pink hue — California, a gigantic part of the textbook market, is a trendsetter in the textbook world.

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