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Peter Pan returns

GalleyCat points out that even though last week was the 25th annual Banned Books Week in the U.S. (put on by the American Library Association to celebrate the right of free people to read freely), the actual banning of books is more or less a fact of life. To illustrate this, they provide a list of the most recent book-banning crusaders to hit the news.

One particularly notable complainer is a concerned mother in Georgia who first got noticed back in April. She thinks Harry Potter lures children to the dark side (witchcraft, sorcery, and the usual dark arts), and has now enlisted brochures for witchcraft camp to prove her point.

Also on the banning block: a collection of nursery rhymes that features the line, “teacher, teacher don’t be dumb, give me back my bubble gum.”

(And no, we’re not kidding.)

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