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Tragedy plus very little time = comedy?

In the wake of the Advanced Marketing Services (AMS) bankruptcy filing, one anonymous blogger is finding some dark humour in the experience. Radio Free PGW, which launched on January 5, includes some updates on events but mostly offers satirical comments on the business practices of the AMS executives and the resulting impact of the filing on the company’s publishers. Quillblog’s favourites include a comparison with Enron and a description of the new cheques PGW members can expect to receive:

For those of you who were growing tired of the boring brown PGW checks that always arrived when they were supposed to and never bounced, relief is around the corner.

Thanks to bankruptcy rules, new checks are on the way. Sources at the Wells Fargo-PGW Money Management Unit report that the new PGW checks will have a stylish periwinkle border with the letters “AMS” embossed in the background. In the center of the checks will be one of the following inspirational scenes:

– A portrait of the classic Wells Fargo stagecoach rolling over the back of a PGW publisher. In the outstretched hand of the publisher is one his own books.

– A stunning Rockwell style painting of a sheriff dragging a PGW publisher and his family from their home after it has been sold in foreclosure.

The blogger ends each day with a twist on Edward R. Murrow’s sign-off: “From the killing fields of America’s publishing industry–good day and good luck.”