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The vultures continue to circle

As reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, two of Anna Nicole Smith’s diaries sold on eBay for $500, 000 US.

In the diaries, Smith discusses her dislike of sex and the illness of her 90-year-old husband, Howard Marshall, who died in 1995. The diaries were sold by memorabilia house Universal Rarities. Jeff Woolf, the house’s auction director, apparently feels lucky to be a part of the sale.

Woolf said the demand for Smith memorabilia had been overwhelming following her death so the price realised for these diaries was not that surprising.

“I don’t think I’ve had the luck of being in such a situation, where the timing was really that perfect as far as the peak of someone’s popularity in the news,” he said.

How nice for him. The unnamed buyer plans to use the diaries as the basis of a book and “some things in the publishing world.” Since the end of ReganBooks, it’s harder to guess where this might end up, but unfortunately, there’s bound to be no shortage of publishers.

Meanwhile, the custody of Smith’s fortune (and 6-month-old daughter, Dannielynn) is still being decided in the courts.