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Write it slant and bend it like Beckham

Quillblog would like to congratulate the Toronto Star‘s Cathal Kelly for possibly being the first sportswriter ever to work an Oulipo reference into a soccer-game recap. Covering the Toronto club’s game against the L.A. Galaxy on the weekend, Kelly wrote:

The French prankster Georges Perec once wrote a 300-page novel without using the letter “e.”

The book – A Void in English translation – is a nifty detective story. But despite its literary merits, most of your time as a reader is spent going backward over each page making sure that missing letter really is missing.

Let’s call you-know-who the absent vowel of last night’s Toronto FC-L.A. Galaxy game. Everyone knew he wasn’t going to play. Wouldn’t even dress. But they were still falling all over themselves for a look at him.

Now if the lead story in the “Wheels” section would just open with an allusion to Marguerite Young’s Miss MacIntosh, My Darling, Quillblog could die happy.