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Canada Reads kicks off

This year’s edition of Canada Reads kicks off today with new host Jian Ghomeshi. By the end of the day, one of the five books in contention will be voted off the list “ will Tiff Findley not be wanted on the voyage? Will the panellists be leary of Paul Quarrington? Will Thomas Wharton’s frozen mythmaking be consigned to the icefields? (Will puns on book titles be punishable by beheading?)

Either way, it all begins today.

If you are looking for discussion-of-the-discussion, Q&Q contributors Alex Good and Steven Beattie are blogging Canada Reads over at Beattie’s That Shakespeherian Rag.

(Furthermore, will Nalo Hopkinson be the only one left in the ring? Will Mavis Gallant, uh, something something fifteenth district?)