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Web to the rescue

In his latest column, David Milofsky, Book Beat author for the Denver Post, says he understands the frustration of authors who are unable to get their books reviewed in local papers.

Because a book editor can receive upwards of 10,000 books annually, of which perhaps one-tenth can be reviewed, there is a good deal of pressure applied by publicists and authors competing for review attention. Given the resources of New York publishers, it’s not surprising that most books reviewed by major publications are by well-known authors.

So how do unknown authors compete? They turn to the online world, where space is limitless, and, most importantly, where many people look for news and entertainment information.

Perhaps the most significant new outlet for reviews is the Barnes & Noble Review, which was launched just last October. In addition to being more nicely designed, the Review has the added advantage of many brick-and-mortar B&N bookstores to help promote it.

Jim Mustich, editor in chief of the B&N Review, said in an e-mail message, “We run one new 1,000-word review every weekday. In addition, we also review six titles in our Spotlight section and feature 50 titles with brief annotations in our Long List Section.”


May 6th, 2008

11:41 am

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