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J.K Rowling wins lawsuit; no HP Lexicon to be published

Harry Potter really is the boy who lived – on and on, in lawsuits pitting J.K. Rowling against a now former fan.

In the latest Rowling-related news, a federal judge blocked publication of The Harry Potter Lexicon, citing that it would cause Rowling “irreparable injury” as a writer.

Steven Vander Ark, who operates the Harry Potter Lexicon website, planned to publish the reference guide through Michigan publishing house RDR Books. In 2007, Rowling sued RDR to halt publication of the Lexicon through Vander Ark’s website. Rowling and her publisher were awarded $6,750 in statutory damages.

While the HP Lexicon may be blocked, Vander Ark is already planning his next project — a memoir entitled In Search of Harry Potter, which will chronicle his travels to locations similar to those described in Rowling’s novels. No word on whether he will travel via Floo network or Nimbus 2000.