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Only in America: Sony’s new wireless e-reader

There’s a lot of hubbub south of the border today about the launch of Sony’s new Daily Edition e-reader, the first Sony e-reading device to go wireless. According to The L.A. Times:

The Daily Edition has a 7-inch screen, can hold up to 1,000 books, and can be read either vertically or tipped horizontally to mimic the two pages of an open book. The Daily Edition will be available in December for holiday shoppers for about $399.

The Daily Edition will use AT&T’s 3G mobile broadband technology (just like the iPhone) which it can use for downloading new books. Amazon’s Kindle, which has made tremendous headway in the marketplace, is already wireless.

This is great news for Americans, but it looks like Canadians have once again been left out in the cold. According to a spokesperson from Sony Canada, the Daily Edition is, like the Kindle, only available in the U.S.