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Toronto Star stakes out Davidar home

Things just keep getting worse for ex-Penguin Canada president David Davidar. In a surprisingly tabloid-y move, the Toronto Star has staked out Davidar’s Deer Park-area house in an attempt to get further comment on the sexual harassment scandal currently engulfing him. There isn’t much new in the piece, but the Star did manage to get Davidar’s wife to answer the door:

There’s so much I want to say, Davidar’s wife, Rachna, tells the Star, shaking her head. So much, but I’ve been asked to zip it.

The home in Deer Park, southeast of Forest Hill, is quiet apart from the sound of Davidar talking into his phone. No sound of a TV or radio, which might be normal for a couple that’s made their livelihood in books.

We’ll get through this together, says Rachna, who comes from a prominent book-selling family in New Delhi and managed McNally Robinson’s former bookstore in Don Mills. They’ve been together for 15 years.

He can’t talk, she says, gently. Please don’t ask him.