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Ontario Arts Council launches new website and application system

The Ontario Arts Council has revealed a newly redesigned website and grant application system‚ which aims to simplify the funding application process for the province’s artists and authors.

With a move to online-only applications comes new deadlines and changes to some OAC programs. There are now 35 per cent fewer programs‚ though merged programs will see no funding cuts or changes to budgets. All funding now falls under a new framework divided into four streams: curating and presenting‚ building audiences and markets‚ engaging communities and schools‚ and developing careers and arts services.

Most changes will be effective for the 2017–2018 year‚ though a handful of streams‚ such as indigenous arts, francophone arts, and touring and residencies‚ will see changes in 2018–2019. More information about theoverhaul can be found on the OAC website.





January 11th, 2017

11:19 am

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