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City of Toronto report recommends approving Sky Gilbert Lane behind Buddies in Bad Times theatre

Sky Gilbert

Sky Gilbert

A staff report from the City of Toronto has recommended renaming the alley behind the city’s renowned Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Sky Gilbert Lane, in honour of one of the theatre’s founders.

Gilbert, along with Matt Walsh and Jerry Ciccoritti, founded Buddies in 1979; the theatre, which bills itself as “the largest and longest-running queer theatre company in the world,” has been located at 12 Alexander Street in downtown Toronto since 1994.

In addition to founding Buddies, Gilbert wrote Angels in Underwear, the play that served as the company’s inaugural production. He is also a poet and novelist; his most recent novel is the 2012 Judy Garland fantasia Come Back.

According to the city report, the naming of Sky Gilbert Lane, which has the blessing of Gilbert and the support of Toronto city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, “will honour Sky’s contribution to the community and to Canadian Theatre.” Though the proposal has not been finalized, NOW Magazine staff writer Jonathan Goldsbie is confident the new name will be approved. He writes in a tweet that the proposal is “going to the Toronto and East York Community Council in a couple weeks and they get the final say (which will be yes).”


July 31st, 2014

12:54 pm

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