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New World Noodles

by Bill Jones, Stephen Wong

With such vivid photos, readers can almost smell the ginger and hoisin sauce in New World Noodles, a cookbook by Pacific Rim food consultants Bill Jones and Stephen Wong. Wong is best-known in book circles as author of Heartsmart Chinese Cooking, and, with Jones, specializes in promoting Canadian ingredients overseas. With such cross-cultural qualifications, it is no surprise that New World Noodles is a fusion cuisine extravaganza (“seafood vegetable brochettes with wasabi-lime butter and chinese noodle rosti” is one offering). From appetizers to desserts, the noodle recipes are clear, quick, and easy to follow. Basics such as stocks, sauces, and spices are well covered, along with a lexicon of noodles and viable Western substitutions for those without access to the Oriental varieties. Unfortunately, equipment and technique are given short shrift, making this book, in spite of its simple recipes, more appropriate for those who already have some kitchen smarts.