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Pure Selling: Sound Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro, Sell Like a Pro

by Wayne Vanwyck

Pure Selling is a solid introduction to the key principles of selling. The author, with 23 years of selling experience, states that he is not trying to reinvent the wheel, and sticks to the fundamental basics of selling and on becoming a great salesperson. The greatest strength of the book is that throughout, the author makes a point of simply and succinctly explaining topics without belabouring them. Using examples – and some clichés – scattered throughout the text, he keeps the topics fresh and simple.

The book is effectively laid out with a ratio of about two-thirds text to one-third workbook space. The workbook format encourages the new salesperson to question both personal and professional goals and expectations and to commit them to paper with plans on how to achieve these goals within specific time frames. As the book progresses, the author demonstrates how this kind of an exercise can positively affect one’s sales ability, and shows how closely personal life goals and a professional relationship to sales are related to success in sales and happiness in life. It is a worthwhile exercise because it makes the reader think and become interactive in understanding the principles of becoming a professional salesperson.

The second half of the book has more practical and qualitative information on the details of selling. He offers advice on effective phone manners and dialogue in order to get appointments, how to develop relationships with customers, and how to read some of the basic personality types that one will confront. The author suggests ideas on how to maximize both one’s own and a customer’s time and how to provide and obtain useful information by asking questions and listening attentively. Since each salesperson will ultimately develop their own style, these are both handy points of reference and notable points of etiquette for the uninitiated. The book finishes with particularly helpful information on how to close a sale and deal with objections and impediments in a professional and effective manner.

In an age of limited training hours, Pure Selling is a good second-best to hands-on training.


Reviewer: Carey Low

Publisher: Self-Counsel Press


Price: $16.95

Page Count: 240 pp

Format: Paper

ISBN: 1-55180-063-2

Released: Sept.

Issue Date: 1996-11

Categories: Health & Self-help