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Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!

by Marie-Louise Gay

It’s impossible not to smile when reading a book by Marie-Louise Gay. The beloved author and illustrator has a rare gift for seeing into the whimsical, wide-eyed world inhabited by the very young. The legions of fans already devoted to Gay’s characters Stella and Sam will find her plucky new heroine equally irresistible.

Roslyn is a rabbit with a buoyant personality and tenacious optimism. By the time she (literally) jumps out of bed one morning, Roslyn has already decided her plan for the day: she’s going to dig the “Biggest Hole on Earth” so that she can visit the South Pole and meet some penguins – all before lunchtime.

In finding a spot to dig, Roslyn wisely opts to stay away from tree roots and rocky places, but is briefly waylaid by a cantankerous worm and a grouchy mole. Both try to dampen Roslyn’s zeal, but she carries on undaunted, until she finds a place with no angry protestors. She digs and digs and digs, unearthing some unexpected treasure in the process.

Gay’s trademark breezy humour runs through this delightful book, and the heroine’s infectious enthusiasm will have readers cheering. The exquisitely textured and expressive illustrations are rendered in an appealing earthy palette, with splashes of vivid colour in just the right places. Also typical of Gay, there is a wealth of clever and amusing detail to catch the eye, including Roslyn’s toy pig – which has wings, of course. Moreover, in her simple, unaffected way, Roslyn reminds us of the myriad possibilities that await us in our own backyards.