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Starshine on Television

by Ellen Schwartz

Starshine on Television is the latest book in the growing series featuring Starshine Shapiro, a teenaged girl who loves spiders. Although Starshine is excited to be participating in an international science contest to develop an improved spider’s web, she is much more excited when she is chosen to star in a cat food commercial for television. Her big break turns sour, though, when she discovers she is hopelessly allergic to cats. Starshine’s subsequent efforts to find some way onto the small screen, and her attempts to get her pet spider Goldy-legs to create the strongest possible web for the science contest, make for enjoyable and entertaining reading. While this story is not without flaws (for example, the big science contest is dropped from the plot without resolution), this won’t bother many readers, who will be too busy laughing at the antics of Starshine and her friends, family, and animals. This lively and funny novel is a winner.