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The Canadian Writer’s Market: The Essential Guide for Freelance Writers (14th Edition)

by Sandra B. Tooze

It has been said that to be a freelance writer in Canada is a good way to starve to death slowly. The Canadian Writer’s Market has long been an effective tool to help freelancers fend off such a nasty fate, and the 14th edition of this biannual publication should prove no different.
Fundamentally The Canadian Writer’s Market is a near-complete list of Canada’s magazine, periodical, newspaper, and book publishers. (There are omissions. Where, for example, are Geist, B&A, Gutter Press, Coach House Books, and Malcolm Lester Books?) This list gathers vital contact information; circulation figures; payment policies; and blurbs on what type of writing publishers want. Editor Sandra B. Tooze, taking the helm from the longstanding Jem Bates, has maintained the book’s clear format and updated the lists of literary agents, schools, support organizations, awards and competitions, and government programs.
With such a concise resource, writers trying to sell (or place) just about any competent piece of work will likely find not only a toehold, but quite possibly a leg up to publication. Neophytes in particular will benefit, especially from Tooze’s excellent introductory advice on handling practical matters such as manuscript formatting, style, submission queries, postage, tax, copyright, and that old favourite, rejection. The only complaints are that the list of Internet resources (new to this edition) is absurdly short (25 items), and that the book is still not issued annually, which increases the chances of the contact information dating.