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The Jumbo Book of Paper Crafts

by Amanda Lewis, Jane Kurisu, illus.

Beginning with a half-page history of paper, Amanda Lewis, a seasoned author of children’s craft books, has compiled 68 paper crafts. The projects range in complexity from a basic folded card to intricate items like a Japanese doll bookmark.

The crafts are sorted into five sections based on how they are made: folding, cutting, weaving, gluing, and paper making. Most can be made using inexpensive papers like bond, wrapping, construction, or tissue paper, although some, such as the Good Luck Crane and Shadow Puppets, require special art or origami papers.

Clear concise instructions for each craft are presented in numbered steps along with detailed materials lists. Each step is illustrated, which is helpful when figuring out what gets folded where. It’s useful to read the tips section at the beginning to understand certain terms like “scoring,” but the instructions for each craft also refer back to such terms for those who don’t read the book cover to cover.

Teachers will find ideas for novel and inexpensive classroom art activities, such as making beads from old magazines. Parents will find numerous projects requiring minimal supplies for their young artisans. Some crafts, including a very well-designed paper airplane, can even be handled by six- to nine-year-olds with a bit of adult guidance.