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The Screech Owl’s Northern Adventure (The Screech Owls Series)

by Roy MacGregor

This is the third title in the Screech Owl series about a Pee Wee hockey team. This time, the team is on its way north for a tournament – all the way to James Bay, as the first non-native team ever invited to play in the First Nations PeeWee Tournament. The Screech Owl’s Northern Adventure is smoothly written and fast paced. There is lots of dramatic action on and off the ice, including a dangerous accident that leaves several teens stranded in the bush with a storm approaching. MacGregor skillfully manages to present a good deal of information about native life without interrupting the flow of his story, although there could have been more in the way of character development. For example, one Screech Owl player demonstrates a plainly negative attitude to natives. Although he overcomes his prejudice, some explanation of the roots of these feelings should have been provided. In addition, some readers will find these kids just a bit too nice, and the hockey action just a bit too clean. Nevertheless, this is an exciting and entertaining sports novel which is sure to be a hit with readers.


Reviewer: Fred Boer

Publisher: McClelland and Stewart


Price: $4.99

Page Count: 107 pp

Format: Paper

ISBN: 0-7710-5628-1

Released: May

Issue Date: 1996-9

Categories: Children and YA Fiction

Age Range: ages 10-14