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Witness: Passing the Torch of Holocaust Memory to New Generations

by Eli Rubenstein; March of the Living

Witness Eli Rubenstein October 2015In 2014, the United Nations sponsored a touring exhibit titled “When You Listen to a Witness, You Become a Witness.” The photographs and accompanying text comprised profiles and accounts of Holocaust survivors intended to educate a new generation of students about the atrocities of the Second World War, in the hope that they would not be forgotten. In collaboration with March of the Living, an organization that spearheads visits to the Polish grounds where Nazi atrocities occurred, Toronto rabbi Eli Rubenstein has compiled a large-format book bearing witness to history and honouring those who survived – and those who perished. “Why do we return?” the text asks. “We come to say, ‘We are here, and with all our might and all our strength, we proclaim on this very ground, with our body and our souls: We remember, we shall always remember.’”