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As Quillblog recently reported, Nicole Rycroft, the executive director of Markets Initiative, took part in a pro-Tibetan demonstration late last week wherein she and four others spread a banner that read "Free Tibet" over an ... Read More »

August 19, 2008 | Filed under: Book news


As part of the U.K. publishing industry's eco-kick, Dorling Kindersley has released a series of green books “ greener than all those that have come before. The four new titles are printed using non-toxic glue ... Read More »

April 8, 2008 | Filed under: Book news


New books are not particularly fragile. Everyone knows that. In fact, that's one of the big reasons why paper-and-ink texts are still preferred by such a wide margin over breakable, expensive-to-replace e-books and e-readers. So ... Read More »

February 21, 2008 | Filed under: Book news