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By Kathleen Peacock

Kathleen Peacock’s debut novel is set in a dystopian world in which those afflicted with a virus known as Lupine Syndrome – in other words, werewolves – are being rounded up and sent to rehabilitation ... Read More »

June 27, 2012 | Filed under: Book news

By Deborah Ellis

As a straight-ahead murder mystery, True Blue represents a departure for author Deborah Ellis, who is known for her many stellar YA novels focusing on the lives of immigrant and refugee teens. Long-time best friends ... Read More »

October 19, 2011 | Filed under: Book news


An interesting article on Tomorrow Museum has started debate on the reasons behind the popularity of young adult fiction. In the original post, blogger Joanne McNeil argues that YA book sales are skyrocketing because teenagers ... Read More »

June 23, 2009 | Filed under: Book news

By Jeffrey Moore

Jeffrey Moore’s second novel has all the ingredients of an entertaining, seductive mystery. Our naïve hero, Noel, equally blessed and plagued by synaesthesia, a condition that causes voices to appear as colours and shapes and ... Read More »

September 20, 2004 | Filed under: Fiction: Novels

By William Bell

Life isn’t easy for pre-teen Alma Neal and her widowed mother, Clara, whose measly part-time jobs sustain their hand-to-mouth existence. But Alma takes great comfort in her richly imaginative world – the books she reads, ... Read More »

November 11, 2003 | Filed under: Book news


An underdeveloped critiqueThe most dangerous reviewers are those with an agenda. And I haven’t run into a more classic case than the review by Carol Berger of Linda Spalding’s The Follow (Apr. 1998), in which ... Read More »

October 29, 2003 | Filed under: Book news