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Book character trumps actually important person

The Guardian features a snippet today that points out the power of the book – or, rather, the power of the Potter.

“More Americans know who Harry Potter is than can name Tony Blair, according to a survey by Zogby International,” says the article. “Some 57% identified the teenage wizard but just 50% could say who Britain’s leader was. The poll, commissioned by producers of an interactive reality game show based on pop culture, found that while 77% could name two of Snow White’s seven dwarfs only 24% could identify two supreme court judges.”

Ah, well: we may scoff, but it’s only to hide the pain that most Canadians (and by most we mean almost all) wouldn’t be able to name a famous character from a Canadian novel. And Duddy Kravitz doesn’t count ’cause his name’s in the title.

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