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O.J.: Passive and aggressive

In an article from Vanity Fair, James Wolcott reviews O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It after obtaining a copy that avoided being pulped. Wolcott refers to the “confessional” as “a vanishing act in full view,” saying that Simpson is portrayed as a regular guy and a passive participant in the events prior to the murders. The review is bogged down by too many strained comparisons to Sunset Boulevard, and the focus on Chapter Six, “The Night in Question,” which was excerpted in Newsweek, detracts from the exclusive scoop Vanity Fair claims for having a “pristine hardcover.”

Wolcott’s comments on the infamous chapter don’t reveal anything new (though he does manage to squeeze in a quote from Shakespeare) but his screenplay-like description makes Quillblog wonder if a TV movie is far behind.

This may not be the end of Simpson’s literary contributions – Wolcott reports that attorney Yale Galanter is shopping a book on Simpson’s behalf about his marriage to Nicole. Given how low Simpson has already demonstrated he is willing to go, ‘Til Death Do Us Part cannot be ruled out as a possible title.


January 23rd, 2007

9:39 am

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