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Heard & Overheard (Devices & Desires Edition)

“When I Googled the title [of the conference], I found another book whose title was Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America.” – Keynote speaker Alexander Manu

“Michael was pleased when he found some coverage of this in The Economist, but it turned out to be an article about online pornography.” – Environics researcher Amy Langstaff on the fruits of her boss Michael Adams’ research into “Devices and Desires.”

“When I told everyone I was going to be at the ‘Devices & Desires’ conference, everyone was like, ‘Really?’ And I had to say, ‘No, it’s about books. Honestly.'” – Youthography’s Mike D’Abramo.

“I walked into a bookstore in Toronto – a small chain, which will remain nameless – and offered to sign my books, and I was asked to show ID.” – Author Antanas Sileika on the challenges of guerilla marketing.

“Do you find that new technology has a laissez faire capitalist model and the other model of publishing in Canada has socialist roots as a subsidy-funded model?” – A Humber College publishing student goes for the A+ during question period.

“I wasn’t quite sure what he said, but I was different after I left the room.” – Speaker Dan Aronchick on Manu’s keynote address.

“You aren’t in the book business, you are in the ‘transport me on a wonderful journey’ business.” – Speaker Terry O’Reilly, apparently confusing publishing with the hallucinogenics business.

“I’m tired of being called a dinosaur.” – An attendee in the lunch line after the morning session.