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Some random advice for publishers …

… gleaned from the conference programming.

Encourage bloggers and readers to post excerpts from their books, covers, etc. “What if they actually start displaying this? They become the funniest free advertisers you’ve ever seen,” said social networking consultant danah boyd.

Adding marketing or ad-style content to comment boards is a bad move. “Don’t alienate people,” said Internet consultant Allen Zuk.

Mix up the message. “All book ads look the same,” said advertiser Terry O’Reilly, referring to the standard cover-plus-blurbs format. “All of your work looks identical to me.”

Know your platform. “You can’t put up web page-style content in a social networking site. You have to network,” said Youthography’s Mike D’Abramo.


June 9th, 2007

12:14 pm

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