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Heard & Overheard (Saturday and Sunday miscellany)

“I don’t think my book is on top of the Times bestseller list because of my blue eyes and sexual charisma, even though that is why you are all here tonight.” – Author Christopher Hitchens, addressing the crowd at Saturday night’s BOOKED! event.

“I just received galleys of my new book today, and there’s a typo in it where [Christopher Hitchens] refers to me as an ‘award-whining’ author.” – Naomi Klein, following Hitchens at the same event.

“Don’t let the vultures see….” – A publicist on the trade show floor, unwrapping some precious swag.

“I’d love to see a picture of Michael Winter next to that.” – A conventioneer looks up at the statue of the world’s tallest man in the Guinness World Records space, having some fun with the Q&Q July/August cover boy’s impressive height.

“What happens in Toronto stays in Toronto.” – A tired BEC attendee who explored the city’s nightlife until 5 a.m. (and clearly missed Quillblog’s BEC survival tips).

“See you next year? Maybe not.” – A sales rep looks at a poster for BookExpo Canada 2008.

“It has cute guys and fast cars and disgusting body bits.” – Author kc dyer hard-sells her new book, Mrs. Zephyr’s Notebook.


June 10th, 2007

4:24 pm

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