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Top book designers re-imagine classic CanLit book covers


The Favourite Game

I was tempted to go with big bold type but wanted to create some distance from from the 2009 edition of The Favourite Game & Beautiful Loser, which is great. I had played with this image of the double snake for an Invisible Publishing title but it didn’t get used. I thought it would play well with the themes of this book. Leonard Cohen’s prose winds and jumps, and the winding snakes speak loosely of the forbidden. The design also references the game Snakes and Ladders. Instead of the snakes wrapping around the ladders, they wrap around the woman’s legs. It’s hard to see but I created the background using a naked torso of a woman. There have been a lot of covers with the naked woman’s form, but they’re a little too docile for my liking. In my version I feel like you can sense the woman is looking you straight in the eye.  – Megan Fildes