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Justin Trudeau stars in forthcoming Marvel graphic novel

trudeau-comic-cover-20160628Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will up his cool factor even more this summer with a starring role in a new Marvel graphic novel written by Toronto cartoonist Chip Zdarsky and illustrated by Ramón Pérez.

Issue No. 5 of the Civil War II: Choosing Sides series, due Aug. 31, features a variant cover that portrays the PM in a boxing ring, sporting a red-and-white uniform boasting a maple leaf at its centre. The image is reminiscent of photos taken at Trudeau’s notorious boxing matches. On the cover, he’s surrounded by Alpha Flight, Marvel’s Canadian superhero team, which was launched in 1979. That same year, Trudeau’s father, then-prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was similarly featured in Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men series.

Zdarsky told the CBC that he contacted Trudeau’s office to notify them of his plans with the title, and they gave their blessing, though not their endorsement.