Quill and Quire

Two authors, two artists

John Pearce of Westwood Creative Artists has sold a debut work of Canadian literary fiction to American publisher St. Martin’s… Read More »

Foreign front: August 10, 2005

Arsenal Pulp Press has sold German rights to Joe Keithley’s I, Shithead to Ip Verlag Jeske/Mader.

Social-realist mystery

HarperCollins Canada publisher and vice-president Iris Tupholme has signed a deal with non-fiction author Pat Capponi for her fiction debut,… Read More »

Sink or swim

Penguin Canada senior acquisitions editor Susan Folkins has commissioned a new work of non-fiction based on a segment from the… Read More »

Eat your spinach

Random House Canada senior editor Tanya Trafford has purchased Canadian rights to a new cookbook by authors Eshun Mott and… Read More »

Foreign front: Aug. 3, 2005

HarperCollins Canada subsidiary rights manager Akka Janssen has sold German rights to Jeffrey Rosenthal’s Struck By Lightning: The Curious World… Read More »

Who rigs every Oscar night?

Key Porter Books publisher Jordan Fenn has commissioned John Lawrence Reynolds to write a new book about secret societies and… Read More »

Foreign front: July 27, 2005

Nicole Winstanley, subsidiary rights director at Westwood Creative Artists, has done good business in Serbia lately, selling Timothy Findley’s Pilgrim… Read More »