Quill and Quire

Foreign front: Mar. 2, 2005

Suzanne Brandreth, subsidiary rights director of The Cooke Agency, has sold Globe and Mail reporter Carolyn Abraham’s Possessing Genius to… Read More »

Drawing on memory

McClelland & Stewart publisher and senior vice-president Ellen Seligman has signed a deal with Toronto-based artist/illustrator and freelance copy editor… Read More »

Hollywood babble-on

Richard Crouse, co-host of Rogers Television’s film review program Reel to Real, has signed a deal with Dundurn Press editorial… Read More »

Foreign front: Feb. 23, 2005

Agent Carolyn Swayze has sold Miriam Toews’s A Complicated Kindness to Berlin Verlag in Germany and to People’s Literature in… Read More »

Foreign front: Feb. 16, 2005

Nicole Winstanley, rights director at Westwood Creative Artists, has sold Joseph Boyden’s Three-Day Road (and his planned followup novel She… Read More »

The Codfathers

Globe and Mail business writer Gordon Pitts has been commissioned by Key Porter Books publisher Anna Porter and senior editor… Read More »

Foreign front: Feb. 9, 2005

Through his Italian agent, Kenneth J. Harvey has sold Italian rights to his new novel Inside to Einaudi. Marilyn Biderman,… Read More »

Foreign front: Feb. 2, 2005

Jackie Joiner of the Bukowski Agency has sold U.S. rights to Susan Pinker’s The New Gender Gap: Men and Women… Read More »