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Dollars are never secondaryFor reasons that will remain obvious, I must remain anonymous in writing this letter. As an employee… Read More »


Surviving CommonwealthOn the whole, Charles Mandel’s article “Commonwealth disappears from view” (May 1998) was on target. However, a couple of… Read More »


Never mind the pacingAfter reading “Book TV: How the literary shows rate” (Dec. 1998) and “Book TV to launch this… Read More »


Forced outYour news piece about the opening of a TERLA office in Toronto (Nov. 1998) hits me very close to… Read More »

David H. Duthie

The Vancouver bookselling community lost a venerable member with the death on Oct. 17 of David Hunter Duthie, of Duthie… Read More »

James H. Gray

Popular western writer and social historian James Henry Gray died in a Calgary nursing home on Nov. 12. He was… Read More »


Overstating the case?In response to Tim Brandt’s letter decrying Penguin’s cross-promotion with Starbucks as an “evil” scheme (Sept., p. 3),… Read More »


Earth to Avie BennettI’m writing to express my concern over the recent actions of McClelland & Stewart regarding the sale… Read More »

Prose and cons

A children’s book author argues that writers are con artists, but also breadmakers and ringmasters


A prize-winning productionIt was most interesting to read “The Wealthy Patron” (Apr. 1999) by Derek Weiler about publishing art books… Read More »


A questionable commitmentYour editorial “Who is Canadian?” (Mar. 1999) implies that ownership and control are of no consequence when it… Read More »

Calling the BCP

We’ve heard many complaints in recent months about the fact that a combined Random House and Doubleday of Canada would… Read More »

A publishing pioneer

The Canadian publishing industry lost a well-known and highly respected colleague on June 11 with the death of Gladys E.… Read More »

Brass in pocket

Gwendolyn MacEwen, the noted Toronto writer, achieved soaring critical success during her career, twice winning the Governor General’s Award for… Read More »


This “war” can be avertedRe: “The next copyright fight” (Aug. 1999)I was sorry to see that John Tooth’s “war” on… Read More »

Year of the horse

It’s often possible to determine the importance of an issue in the book industry by the extent to which people… Read More »


Modest but heart-felt tributeAs chair of the Information Book Award Committee of the Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada, I feel… Read More »

Commitment cannot be counted

The past few issues of Quill & Quire have contained letters commenting on Scott Anderson’s column “Who is Canadian?” (Mar.,… Read More »