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A returns-free world (II)

A little over a year ago, both publishers and booksellers began to face a sudden and unexpected surge of returns… Read More »

Writers as rock stars

On Saturday May 3, hundreds of young residents of Nanaimo, British Columbia will gather at Malaspina University-College to hear 10… Read More »


An open letter to Jean ChrétienTo the editor:A grave injustice will be done to the writers of this country if… Read More »

Mysterious ways

Publishers and booksellers take note: If you’re in the habit of simply tossing magazine inserts – don’t. There’s good reason… Read More »

May they bloom

In the wake of the World Trade Organization’s ruling against Canadian magazines, some might predict a gloomy future for that… Read More »

Angst wins the prize

Imagine approaching a publisher and saying you’d like to do a 240-page black-and-white children’s book based on existential questions. The… Read More »


A writer’s cri de coeurTo the editor:Once again Quill & Quire has managed to depress me. I am an unpublished… Read More »