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Biblioasis introduces new ordering terms for Canadian independents

Biblioasis has announced new ordering terms for Canadian independent accounts that include an increased 44% discount and extended return deadlines.

The terms are available to accounts that order through Biblioasis’s distributor, University of Toronto Press. Biblioasis says they’ve worked with UTP to establish a two-year minimum window during which Canadian independent bookstores won’t have to worry about returning Biblioasis titles for full credit. All orders, including existing orders, will receive the 44% discount. The new terms also include participation in UTP’s free freight program.

“As booksellers ourselves, we’ve seen how important an additional 2, 4, 6% discount can be over the course of a year; how important free freight is; how the freedom not to worry about hard return deadlines can give books a longer period of time on the shelf and allow them more of a chance to find readers,” Biblioasis owner and publisher Dan Wells said in a release. “We’ve therefore decided to do more to even the playing field between the chains, online retailers, and our independent partners. We hope that this initiative will allow independent Canadian booksellers who want to carry our books to do so with less restriction and in greater numbers, increasing visibility and giving them a bit more time to catch a reader’s attention.”

Biblioasis said the initiative was supported through the BookFund program of Ontario Creates.