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Chris Turner wins National Business Book Award

Chris Turner, centre, with co-sponsors Gino Scapillati of Bennett Jones and Catherine Roche of BMO Financial Group (Michael Hope)

“Maybe third time’s a charm,” Calgary writer Chris Turner tweeted before the National Business Book Award ceremony in Toronto on Oct. 2. As it turns, out he was right: after being nominated twice before, Turner won the $30,000 prize for Canada’s best business-related book for The Patch: The People, Pipelines, and Politics of the Oil Sands (Simon & Schuster Canada). The book balances both sides of the politically charged national debate surrounding the Alberta oil sands.

The other finalists are Patricia Meredith and James Darroch’s Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada’s Banks for the Information Age (University of Toronto Press); Jennifer Riel and Roger Martin’s Creating Great Choices: A Leader’s Guide to Integrative Thinking (Harvard Business Review Press); and Donald Savoie’s Looking for Bootstraps: Economic Development in the Maritimes (Nimbus Publishing). The jury for the prize was chaired by Peter Mansbridge and included jurors Deirdre McMurdy, David Denison, Anna Porter, Pamela Wallin, and Leonard Waverman.