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Insomniac Press announces new board, mandate

The new Insomniac Press logo, designed by Sandy Miller

Insomniac Press, an independent press based in London, Ontario, has announced a new mandate and editorial board. The press’s new mandate is “to amplify voices that resist oppression.”

The press has also announced new principles intended to guide future acquisitions to ensure underrepresented voices, liberative politics, and author care are prioritized, as well as establishing other core values. In July, Insomniac will begin accepting unsolicited manuscripts and launch a fundraising campaign to support the seven books the press will publish this fall.

Insomniac has also announced a new six-member editorial board that represents early career authors and editors from across Canada. The editorial board will work with Insomniac publisher Andy Verboom and press founder and publisher emeritus Mike O’Connor. The full board is listed below:

  • Annick MacAskill
  • Tara McGowan-Ross
  • Sanchari Sur
  • Jacqueline Valencia
  • Kailee Wakeman
  • Catriona Wright

*Correction, June 22: This story has been updated. The original mistakenly included Verboom and O’Connor as members of the editorial board.


June 18th, 2020

2:31 pm

Category: Industry News