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Ripple Foundation’s 10th annual Kids Write 4 Kids announces winners


Hosted by Ripple Foundation, the 10th annual Kids Write 4 Kids creative writing challenge announced the 2022 student winners earlier this month.

The winners, who will have their works published, are Megan Lam, a student at Colonel Irvine School in Calgary, Alberta, for her story “When You Wish Upon A Star,” and Cora Arvidson, a student at Sir William Osler Elementary School in Vancouver, British Columbia, for her poetry collection “Threads.” 

The inspiration for Lam’s story came from above. “One day I found myself thinking about shooting stars,” she says. “It got me wondering, if stars had feelings, how would they feel falling through the sky?”

Illustrating the book covers is Sheridan College graduate, Delaney Cox. The paperback and ebook editions will be available for purchase on Amazon, Google Play, Apple iBookstore, and Overdrive this summer.

“I just want to have a lifelong relationship with words and poetry. I don’t know if that sounds strange, but I just want to be able to express myself and make sense of things through words,” Arvidson says. “It’s what I’ve done my whole life, and it’s been invaluable.”

All proceeds from book sales will benefit the winners’ charity of choice, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, which is committed to supporting children and youth growing up in the child welfare system.

“Megan and I chose the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada together because we both had seen and been affected by homelessness in our own cities,” Arvidson says. “That sense of helplessness will never really go away, but we both wanted to help reduce poverty and child homelessness, as well as provide better support for those in the child welfare system.”

The 12-person judging panel consisted of previous winners Sumal Ashfaq and Olivia Hashem as well as Ekiuwa Aire, Graham Annable, Andrea Lynn Beck, Jeffrey Canton, Inderjit Deogun, Emily Keeler, Dwayne Morgan, Becky Toyne, Jed Churcher, and Stephanie Lang.